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3 Employee Benefits to State in Your Job Advertisement

Job perks and work benefits are a great way to attract potential employees to work with your company. They work as incentives to keep skilled labour in your team and are a great way to maintain a good relationship with your employees. Hence you should state these job benefits in your job advertisement so that you’ll get the right candidate in no time!

Health Insurance

Offering medical insurance to your employees is a great perk to include in your job ad. Medical insurance often means health coverage, dental and vision care. While the first one is the most common and popular perk, many companies are slowly, including vision and dental care coverage for their employees. Letting this appear on your job ad would invite job seekers to consider applying for your vacancy.

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Paid time off

Many employers offer employees some form of paid time off to remain competitive with other companies. It’s a pretty broad term, but paid time off basically mean any time where an employee does not work and still receives pay. These can include paid vacation time, sick days, company holidays, and so on. Letting potential candidates be aware of this perk leaves a good impression of your company, attracting them to send in their resume to you.

Family and Spouse coverage 

More prominent companies often practice a policy of extending medical benefits to family members and spouses that are dependent on their employees. This means that should their children need medical attention, the fees will be covered by the insurance provider of the company. This is a great perk to display as it won’t single out jobseekers who have children or other family members under their care. 


By displaying the benefits you could offer to potential employees, jobseekers are more likely to consider your offer and apply for the vacancy in your company! Don’t miss out on skilled and talented people looking for work. Click here to learn how you could reach a bigger pool of talent with Jobstreet!