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3 Ways to Improve Your Employer Branding!

If you’re looking for a step ahead from your competitors, a strong employer brand would definitely be in your favour. Jobs recruitment and other management aspects would be improved overall as you’ll attract better and more valuable talent with a good employer reputation. Here are some ways you could improve on that!

Research the competition

A good research period will evaluate what your closest employer competitors are doing. This step helps you see what gaps or mistakes you are doing with your own employer brand and allows you to strategise better. Reading company reviews and looking into job recruiting sites as well as viewing job postings and a social media search can all be included in the research period. 

Encourage and embrace feedback 

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There are various ways to ask for feedback from your employees like departmental or company wide meetings and anonymous surveys. It’s good to allow your staff to discuss and express how they feel about the working environment in the office without the worry of reprisal. Encouraging feedback helps you to improve as an employer, but only if you act on it so don’t ignore those valuable responses from your team!

Follow the rules, flexibly!

Although rules and policies are an important part of an organisation, exceptions can be made for certain circumstances. Being flexible with your employees is good for your business. It builds employee trust, helps attract and keep key talent, and it drives everyone to collaborate to find solutions that work for all those involved. Flexibility also is the key to a work life balance among your staff. If maintained,  this could lead to a lower employee turnover rate and overall better work culture. 


An improvement on your employer branding would definitely put you a step ahead in the job market! Have a vacancy to advertise? Click here to look into online listing opportunities!