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4 Advantages of Using Wide Angle Lens

People unfamiliar with photography might get overwhelmed by the various choices of camera lenses. Each lens serves different purposes when taking a picture and helps the photographer achieve the shot that he desires. For example, the smartphone HUAWEI Mate 20 has a wide angle lens to capture a wide shot even from a confined area.

What is a wide angle lens?

A wide angle lens covers a focal length from 4.5mm to 35mm, and the angle of view is from 64° to 180°. Any lens that has a wider field of view than what the human eye sees is considered a wide angle lens.

Distortion also comes with wide angle lenses, including lens distortion, perspective distortion and barrel distortion.

huawei mate 20 pro digi

What are the uses of a wide angle lens?

  • More depth of field

Landscape photographers, environmental portrait photographers and street photographers tend to find the wide angle lens most useful. This type of lens allows everything in the frame to be in focus at a given aperture than telephoto lenses.

  • Add foreground interest

There’s no strict rule that you have to wide angle lens for landscape photography, but it’s a useful lens because it has the ability to include the foreground.

  • Provide better context for portraits

One of the ways of enhancing a portrait is to include the subject’s environment. You can add more depth to the subject’s story by providing visual context using a wide angle lens.

  • It’s fun

Buildings, lines and people near the edge will curve with a wide angle lens. However, the distortion that comes with wide angle lenses isn’t always undesirable. It all depends on what you’re trying to achieve with your photography.


The uses stated above are the main benefits of using a wide angle lens, but you can use them for whatever reason. Once you are familiar with how it works, you can apply them and unleash your creativity in various scenarios.

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