Digi Malaysia: Postpaid Plan & Much more

Digi, the finest Postpaid & Prepaid Provider in Malaysia

Today, the actual marketplace sees absolutely free competition going down between different telecom companies, offering cheap deals every day for the exact purpose to secure a bigger piece of the pie. Although this is great for consumers because it lowers the cost, how can you get yourself a good network provider?

Digi Malaysia is considered the pioneer in the local market. Best known to its preceding campaign “Bersamamu” plus the yellow Digi Man sticking to users in advertisements, Digi brings joy for our lives by improving this game that benefits users. They typically have great internet package & other deals to buy.

With Digi, its mobile prepaid plan has actually been the most notable product to get. As the registration is absolutely simple, you can enjoy a seamless mobile internet experience. Plus, sometimes Digi, in addition, provides prepaid plans with free additional data for music and video streaming, with free call credit too!


If you prefer a postpaid plan, Digi also offers the best package. Additionally, you can try a network switch easily simply by making a request to Digi. Upon successful request and when settling all outstanding commitments with the existing provider, your new plan is certainly activated in a matter of days.

Getting a great plan and blazing fast 4G LTE internet is nothing without a high-performance device that couples it. We’re talking Apple’s latest smartphones here, like the iPhone 8 or the one before it, iPhone 7. You can easily get your hands on a fresh smartphone as you sign up for Digi’s postpaid plan.

If you like an Android smartphone better, well Digi offers the right plan for you also! With a range of cool smartphones from Vivo, Huawei, and perhaps Oppo waiting, Digi means to ensure that you get anything you need. Another advantage important to note here is that all these mobile phones come with a low price.

Still, it’s unquestionable that today, we really rely more on the world wide web in order to connect, and much less to call people and send SMS messages. Understanding this, Digi has ensured that every its plans provide the best internet package to get nowadays, whether it is to obtain a postpaid, prepaid, or broadband internet package.

For travelers, is really a aspect of Digi’s plans that is definitely worth noting, the roaming plan. The times that you need to buy disposable SIM cards in foreign countries are gone for good, as you possibly can simply surf the internet with your own Digi SIM card. On the initial rate as small as RM5, you just need activation.

Actually, the sole reason we love Digi a lot is they always attempt to produce a better service to the consumers. Using a more stable connection with better coverage even for rural areas, Digi is about to head the telecom industry that has a higher benchmark for competitors to keep up with.