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Never Do These 4 Things While Driving

If you said you never looked at your phone while driving, you’re probably lying. Most smartphone users don’t think it’s a big deal to peek at our phones while waiting at a traffic light, but being distracted while in the car puts us at risk.

Paying attention to the road is crucial because even the tiniest distraction could make a driver miss critical cues on the road and lose control of their vehicle. It could lead to accidents, a call to the car insurance company, and possibly even death. Being distracted is not only dangerous to the driver but also others on the road.

Below are some of the things people do in the car despite the obvious danger. Are you guilty of any of these examples?

Reaching for items in the car

No matter where it is you’re reaching for your items, it also means taking your eyes off the road. Something could happen in the few seconds you’re picking up your purse, and you probably won’t have enough time to react. If you need anything, ask the help of other passengers.

Applying makeup

Being in a rush doesn’t justify applying eyeliner while driving. Not only does applying makeup takes your attention off the road, but it also means one hand off the steering wheel. You also shouldn’t adjust your mirror to check your makeup, as you’ll need it to look for your cars around you.

Texting or messaging

The habit of texting while driving is more typical than you think. As exciting as it is to receive messages while on the road, it should be common sense that it is a dangerous distraction when driving. We’re sure none of your messages needs an instant reply, so put down your phone and focus on the road.

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Being emotionally unstable

Driving with emotions running high is one of the recipes for disasters, which is why you shouldn’t engage in emotional conversation or phone calls. When your mind isn’t clear, you tend to drive more recklessly, putting everyone around you in danger. If you feel you’re not calm enough to drive safely, stop at the side of the road and cool down.

Don’t put your life at risk

Practising safe driving should be the norm, but not everyone does it. Even if you don’t make the four mistakes in the list above, you can be involved in a car accident caused by other distracted drivers. With car insurance, you can prepare for the worst.

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