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Things to Bring to a Beach Holiday!

With the school holidays coming really soon, it may be a good time for you to destress and regroup with your friends or family members. A holiday on the Desaru coast is perfect for that! Clean and breezy beaches makes it an ideal place for picnics, fun seaside activities or even just a swim! Before you head on over for your getaway, here’s a checklist of things you should bring to the beach to ensure you have a great time!


When you’re spending a lot of time under the hot blazing sun, it’s important to be protected from harsh rays and also sunburn. Bring along some sunscreen, hats and umbrellas on your next trip to the beach. Long term and unprotected exposure to the sun can cause skin damage, which is both painful and life-threatening! It’s good to remain protected while you’re having fun out in the sun, as prevention is the best way to combat any kind of damage

Snacks and cold drinks 

desaru coast hard rock hotels

All that energy spent playing games or seaside sports need to be replenished! Pack up some healthy snacks like fruits, nuts, sandwiches and crisps to tide you over till a meal time. This makes sure that you remain energised to keep enjoying the beach. Don’t forget beverages to keep yourself and your company hydrated from being active under the sun. Here’s a tip: pack some water, juices and soda in a cooler so everyone remains refreshed, all day!

Swimwear and extra clothes

What’s a trip to the beach without a swim in the sea? Bring along your swimwear so you get to swim in the nice and cooling ocean water or do other activities, like snorkelling and diving. Don’t forget a change of clothes though, as things might get sandy or wet and that gets really uncomfortable, really fast. 


If you’re looking to go on a beach holiday really soon, do remember these essential items to ensure a great time ahead of you. The Desaru coast has a been a growingly popular destination for families. Have a look at Hard Rock Hotels’ new location here